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Walking Pole Round Replacement Tip Set for Hiking Sticks

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Walking Pole Round Replacement Tip Set for Hiking Sticks

Protects carbide hiking and walking pole tips against damage from hard surfaces

  • Fits many thin carbonite and metal walking and hiking poles, including EarthTrek Gear poles
  • Great for use indoors
  • Made of heavy duty rubber and reinforced with metal tip stop
  • Inside opening diameter roughly 1/2" and inside depth approx. 1 & 1/8"
  • Bottom width of tip 7/8"

Set of 2 tips. Protects the tips of your hiking poles, when using poles on hard surfaces such as pavement, asphalt, sidewalks, etc. Also protects hardwood floors when using poles indoors. Tips are made of extra strong rubber and includes a metal tip stop inside to help keep your carbide tip from wearing through. Inside diameter opening is 1/2". Overall length of tip is 1-3/8". Fits many popular thin carbonite, and aluminum walking, hiking and trekking poles, including poles made by EarthTrek Gear. Measure your current tip inside diameter to make sure this will fit. Not for use with wooden canes and sticks as they may be too thick.


Ask a Question
  • Will it fit my alps mountaineer hiking pole?

    Yes it will fit that pole end, if you remove the snowbasket first.

  • Will they fit my Leki poles?

    Yes, they fit standard Leki brand poles too

  • Does this product work in wet conditions?

    Yes, EarthTrek Pole is designed to withstand normal wear-and-tear from wet, rainy, and muddy conditions. A mud basket is included, that helps protect your pole from sinking too deep in mud.

Customer Reviews

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Safety First

I began using the walking stick during recovery from a broken leg. It was mainly for security while walking my dog, Since I am using the stick primarily on cement walks, I wish the tips had some reinforcement to the bottom. The metal at the bottom of the stick over time wears a hole through the tip. Perhaps an insert of some kind would prolong its life.

My husband loves these Trek poles!

My husband had surgery in November 2020 and had to use a walker for a little over a month, then his physical therapist suggested these as he got stronger.
They worked out great and now only uses one pole.


They were easy to put on thank you.

Great product and company

Really nice walking poles. Company is very customer friendly


Hiking Pole Round Replacement Tip Set