Strength for Hiking

Designed for strength

Designed for strength

How can a collapsible trekking pole also be strong?

The EarthTrek Pole was designed by two avid hikers in the Sierra Nevada mountains with this question in mind.

Now, world travelers, and everyday walkers have made the collapsible EarthTrek Pole a favorite walking support system.

EarthTrek Pole brings strength back to the hiking pole.

How the EarthTrek Hiking Pole Works

  • One of the strongest poles avaialble

    Made of a unique alloy material, using a specially engineered shape at the joints, the EarthTrek Pole provides bend-resistant strength when needed.

  • Safety and Security

    Comfort and trust going down steps, hills and grades.  The EarthTrek pole provides security for the steepest trails

  • Low impact

    Save your knees and legs.  And no more worries of a cracking pole.

  • Portable: Folding and Collapsible

    Unlike other trekking poles that compress, the EarthTrek Pole packs smaller by folding.  Compact, it is one of the shortest poles made, making it a good fit for travel and transit, and fitting into backpacks.

  • Ultralight

     How can a pole be both lightweight and strong?  By using a wider design, along with unique alloy materials, the EathTrek Pole provides portable hiking power at 15oz.

  • Simple

    No complicated locks, buttons and twists.  The EarthTrek pole has instant setup, and a simple adjustable height button.  Starting and stopping a hike is a breeze.


How long is the pole?

Adjustable in 1-inch increments from approx. 49" to 53" in height. (See how to measure for grip height below).  Folds compactly to 12".  See catalog for shorter height pole.

How much does the pole weigh?

The pole weight approx. 15 oz.

How do I know what height is good for me?

How to measure for height: You should measure for your height requirements before purchasing. Ideally, a hiking pole should allow your arm to be at a 90 degree angle at the elbow.  The shortest grip height starts at 46" and the tallest grip starts at 49". You can measure up from the ground and see where your grip would be. Most poles have a 4" grip handle. One inch for each finger to rest. For example: if you adjust the pole for the tallest position, your grip would start at about 49" and end at 53", measured from the ground. For the shortest position, the grip would start at about 45" and end at about 49". There are (5) one inch height adjustments for the pole. In other words, each adjustment raises or lowers your pole length one inch. The pole is shipped with the setting on the shortest adjustment. This pole is not recommended for shorter persons.

(Please see our new shorter version pole for women and those who need a shorter hiking pole. )

Testimonials from EarthTrek Pole users:

"I am completely happy with my trekking poles! Very sturdy, easy to open and breakdown...I've even figured out how to conveniently attach them to my hydro pack while hiking. I am very pleased! :)" - Lisa C.

"Both my wife and myself were very satisfied with our poles. They opened and closed nicely and were quite supportive." - Jerome H.

"Terrific product! I've a hip problem keeping me out of the mountains and the trout streams without a support staff.  . . . 
Now, with the Earth Trek stick, I'm outta the house and in the woods and creeks as often as I please. I can put it in my carry-on luggage on a plane, or I can slip into my motorcycle bag when riding. The thing goes from its folded position to a strong, straight support stick faster than I can say it. Give it a little flick and it comes together. Best money I ever spent on an outdoor product." - G.S.

" . . . More than adequate to support my 200 pounds. Not completely rigid, but stiff and strong enough to inspire confidence. They fold up and travel inside my suitcase." - Kent B.

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