Collapsible Walking Pole - Strength for Travel

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Collapsible Walking Poles for Travel

How the EarthTrek Hiking Pole Works

  • One of the strongest trekking poles made

    Our latest pole, made of a unique alloy material, using a specially engineered shape at the joints, the Earth Trek Pole provides bend-resistant strength when needed most. A trekking pole built for strength

  • Safety and Security

    Comfort and trust going down steps, hills and grades.  The EarthTrek trekking pole provides security for the steepest trails. Your solution for confident walking and trekking.

  • Low impact walking

    Save your knees and legs, while increasing your mobility. Super strong stick to support your legs. And no more worries of a cracking pole.  Designed for seniors, knee pain, and weight support. The strongest trekking pole made for everyday walkers.

  • Portable: Folding and Collapsible Walking Pole

    Unlike other trekking poles that compress, the Earth Trek Pole packs smaller by folding.  Quick and easy setup. Compact, it is one of the shortest hiker's poles made, making it a good fit for travel and transit, and fitting into backpacks. Our latest feature can include a Velcro strap if you decide to not pack into the bag. A collapsible walking pole designed to make travel easy

  • Ultralight Pole

     How can a trekking pole be both lightweight and strong?  By using a wider design, along with unique alloy materials, the Earth Trek Pole provides portable hiking power at 15oz. A lightweight collapsible trekking pole that is easy to bring anywhere.

  • Simple

    No complicated locks, buttons and twists.  The EarthTrek collapsible walking pole has instant setup, and a simple adjustable height button.  Starting and stopping a hike is a breeze.

Designed for strength

Taking you to the outdoors


Technical specs and benefits of EarthTrek Pole:

  • Super strong walking stick
  • Easy instant setup: Foldable and collapsible walking pole
  • Compact for global travel
  • Easy to carry. Pole folds down to 12"
  • Stashes easily in luggage, backpacks, and travel
  • Strong carbide tip at pole end with removable rubber protector tip feet
  • comfort rubber handle with built in wrist strap
  • 5 one inch height adjustments for comfortable fit for most hiker heights
  • Snow/mud basket included
  • Made of lightweight alloy shaft, keeping backpacking light
  • Quality rubber grommet inserts in each section for additional strength
  • Rounded joints for long-lasting interior shock cord protection 
  • Handsome, black color
  • Excellent for supporting your everyday walking too
  • The collapsible walking pole for travel and knee support, as well as leg and back support
  • Hiking Pole Options:

  • Comes in both Standard and Short Sizes
  • Short Size for Short Women and Children Click Here
  • Both single, and 2-pole sets available
  • Accessories available, including extra tips, shock absorbtion feet, and hiking companion gear

Helpful device for seniors

The days that I use my trek poles I can double my walking distance.

Paola Borgatta

Great customer service

The trekking poles are very nice. Light weight and sturdy.

The company is wonderful to deal with.

Kathleen McCoy

I am 5’10” and the walking stick adjusted nicely for my height.

Cynthia Langkamp

Helps with hip problems

Terrific product! I've a hip problem keeping me out of the mountains and the trout streams without a support staff. . . .  Now, with the Earth Trek stick, I'm outta the house and in the woods and creeks as often as I please. I can put it in my carry-on luggage on a plane, or I can slip into my motorcycle bag when riding. The think goes from its folded position to a strong, straight support stick faster than I can say it. Give it a little flick and it comes together. Best money I ever spent on an outdoor product. 

Mike G

Supports my weight

This product works! I bought a similar item from another supplier that was trash. Joints were sloppy and it was like leaning on a wet noodle. These poles aren't as rigid as most similar poles that telescope, rather than fold. But they are more than adequate plus they fit in my suitcase for travel. Due to old injuries I need support while walking and these are strong enough and rigid enough that I feel confident trusting my 200 pounds to their support.

Kent Bristol

Easy to open

I am completely happy with my trekking poles! Very sturdy, easy to open and breakdown...I've even figured out how to conveniently attach them to my hydrp pack while hiking. I am very pleased! :)

Lisa C.


Both my wife and myself were very satisfied with our poles. They opened and closed nicely and were quite supportive

Jerome Hollander

Travel Friendly

This is just the "ticket" for a walking stick when one wants to put it in a carry-on suitcase as it folds up to 12 inches. Others that I had seen only folded to 28" which is too big for a carry on. And it proved to be such a help on the cobble stones of Europe. Others noticed it and I was only too glad to share with them where I purchased it.

Ruthe from Oregon

So Easy to Use

"I am completely happy with my trekking poles! Very sturdy, easy to open and breakdown...I've even figured out how to conveniently attach them to my hydro pack while hiking. I am very pleased! :)"

- Lisa C.

Added Support

"Both my wife and myself were very satisfied with our poles. They opened and closed nicely and were quite supportive." 

- Jerome H.

Inspires Confidence

" . . . More than adequate to support my 200 pounds. Not completely rigid, but stiff and strong enough to inspire confidence. They fold up and travel inside my suitcase."

- B.

Just what I wanted

Received my collapsible Pole, just Love it!


Good Value

GREAT VALUE for an excellent product.

Sharon, S.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How long is the pole?

Adjustable in 1-inch increments from approx. 47" to 51" in length. (See how to measure for grip height below).  Folds compactly to 12".  Our standard size pole fits most adult hikers 5'4" and taller. See catalog for shorter height pole. This pole provides the ideal height for everyday walking and special travel walking. Whether stairs, boats, public transportation, or anywhere your trip takes you, Earth Trek Gear walking poles provide the knee and body support you need for a long travel.

How much does the pole weigh?

The pole weight approx. 15 oz. At less than a pound, the EarthTrek Pole brings lightweight features, with benefits of ultra-strong design to support your body's weight.

How do I know what height is good for me?

How to measure for height: Simple: Our standard size pole fits most adult hikers. With an adjustable handle, it fits most people standard heights (5ft 5in to 6ft 4in).  If you are near the edge of those heights, you can measure: Ideally, a hiking pole should allow your arm to be at a 90 degree angle at the elbow, with a wide range of comfortable heights.  The shortest grip height starts at 48" and the tallest grip at 53". You can measure up from the ground and see where your grip would be.  There are (5) one inch height adjustments for the pole. In other words, each adjustment raises or lowers your pole length one inch. The pole is shipped with the setting on the shortest adjustment. This pole is not recommended for shorter persons.

(Please see our new Short size version pole for shorter women and children, and all people 5'4" and shorter)

Why do I need a walking pole?

Simply said, support.  Walking poles provide helpful support for walking, on uphill, flat and downhill surfaces.  They work by distributing the impact and energy from solely through your legs, to your arms, leading to higher upper body strength building.  Reducing impact on your knees.  Stairs, steep trails, uneven ground.  Walking poles give walkers and hikers the confidence needed to go further and in more challenging terrain, leading to greater fitness and health.  

What is the difference between trekking, hiking and walking?

All three are similar.  Walking tends to have the lowest distance and least challenging terrain.  Hiking is typically walking in natural terrain like trails in wilderness.  Trekking is nearly identical to hiking, but can involve multiple hikes and modes of transportation all for one destination or trip.  Most walking poles are suitable for all three (trekking, hiking, and walking)

Are trekking poles useful in cities?

Backpacking in Europe?  Exploring world cities?  Long distances with all the steps required in public transportation, escalators airports, subway, commuter rail, all can be improved with the support that comes from walking poles.  In addition, added security and peace of mind come along with having a strong stick at hand.

What are walking poles used for besides walking?

Pushing aside trail cover and bushes.  Spider webs.  Protection against wildlife.  Deterring people that are searching for vulnerable pedestrians.  

Most importanly, guidance and safety for stairs and steps tops the list of why you should have hiking poles.

What are the health benefits of walking poles?

Check out our blog below for the health benefits of hiking.  Walking Poles get you there, and bring the added support needed move further and enjoy the trek. Distributing impact and energy throughout your body not only protects joints, but can build bones and muscles.

Are two poles better than one pole?

In most cases two poles are better than one pole.  Using two poles provides more even strengthening of the upper body, and balanced pressure.  Only using one pole can at times lead to twisting torque in your spine.  There are some occasions however when one pole is more helpful.  Sometime very narrow trails that require the use of hands to balance on rocks, would be a situation where an extra free hand is needed.  If you use one pole, alternate hands.  This gives rest and balance.  More details are in our Hiking Health topic - Best Treks topic page.

What if I'm in the middle height (5ft 3in. to 5ft 6in.)

The tallest setting of the short pole, or the shortest setting of the standard pole (recommended) will work fine for middle heights. You can try either one. 

How does Earth Trek compare with Black Diamond Trekking Poles?

Black Diamond trekking poles are designed for serious mountaineering, such as mountain climbing. Their more technical nature and carbon fiber makes them the lightest weight trekking poles available, at a much higher price. This may come in handy at 16,000 feet, or on long backpacking trips, but it can be a hindrance for everyday walking and travel. A Black Diamond trekking pole has added complexity, and possibly longer setup time (for more precise height adjustment). If you are looking for a collapsible trekking pole for walking and normal travel, Earth Trek Gear will provide exactly what you need, at a fraction of the cost.

How Does Earth Trek Gear Compare with Leki Trekking Poles

Leki Trekking Poles are a European brand designed for backcountry hiking. They are similar to Black Diamond, yet less technical in nature, and can be dual use for walking as well. However, their carbon fiber makeup make them too lightweight, which can lead to permanent bends. Earth Trek collapsible trekking poles are much more difficult to bend, especially when walking down steep grades and steps, or if planted the wrong way. In addition, Earth Trek trekking poles are significantly less expensive.

Foldable Trekking Pole - Confidence for Walking

Taking you to the outdoors

Don't be held back . . . Experience the adventure.

Start the journey . . . Walking, hiking and travel

EarthTrek Pole takes you there