Terms and Conditions of Earth Trek Gear

Our walking and trekking pole products are available for purchase online. If an item is out of stock, we may notify you after you purchase, however, we are not obligated to fulfill all orders. Customer service can be done online by replying to your order confirmation email.

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About Earth Trek Gear Walking Poles

Earth Trek Gear creates collapsible trekking pole solutions for every day walking. A collapsible hiking pole and accessories designed for global travelling, globe trekking, hiking and walking through your daily exercise and fitness. If you are looking for a hiking walking stick, or any other walking aid, Earth Trek poles provide stability, support, and assistance for joint pain and leg, arm and lower body support needs. Our collapsible trekking pole, while built strong and thick, does not last a lifetime, and should be taken care of, along with replacements planned. We do not guarantee perfect fit, or complete safety and security, but we are proud to offer a travel walking pole that gives added support for your walking and hiking.