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About Earth Trek Gear Walking Poles for Travel

Since 1998, our founders have been leading outdoor treks in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California for tour groups.   The constant challenge: offering a trekking pole that is compact and collapsible, but holds strong going down steep trails, steps and stairs.  We desired to serve our guests who had less-than-perfect knees, added weight, or simply wanted the trust and security of a stronger hiking pole.

It has been 10 years since, and constant refining of our pole features.  Our latest EarthTrek pole, Version 4, has an optimized height and handle, based on feedback from our customers.  We are joyed that customers come back to purchase poles for their friends and family, loving how simple it is.

Our other hike, camp and travel accessories are a perfect complement to the EarthTrek pole.

Below are photos taken by our users, with some of the places EarthTrek Pole has taken them.  Real people.  Real places.  If you have a photo of a place, or our items in use, email us.

Contact Us

Email: info |at| earthtrekgear.com

Mailing address: 10580 N. McCarran Blvd. #115-400, Reno, NV 89503


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