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EarthTrek Gear Ultra-Strong Collapsible Trekking Pole

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EarthTrek Ultra-Strong Collapsible Walking Pole for Travel

Explore the outdoors worldwide.  Earth Trek Gear Hiker's Pole collapses to a convenient size.  Easy to use pole with instant setup.  Engineered for compact portability, and low impact hiking.  Long-lasting quality, with simple earth-friendly packaging. 

Our careful design was produced through attention to detail with input from avid hiker's seeking a pole for transportation through world trekking, and portability.  Most importantly, pole strength is the key benefit of the EarthTrek hiking pole. Security, while saving your knees. Know your safe, without the fear of a bending pole.   Protect your knees, and support your weight with the strongest hiking stick made for the trail. This lightweight pole is perfect for the traveling outdoorsman, casual hiker, or daily walking.

Design of our best travel walking pole design:

  • Collapsed length 12"
  • Standard Size Pole: Fits most adult hikers. Comfortable for users of 5'5" to 6' 4" heights.
  • Actual pole length when extended, adjustable from 48" to 51" height stick
  • Net Weight: 14 oz.
  • Pole base material: Metallic reinforced
  • bend-resistant design
  • Rubber foot and handle
  • Includes wrist-strap
  • smoothed folding edges for longer lasting interior shock-cord,
  • snow/mud basket,
  • adjustable height handle
  • fits most foot add-ons
  • hand-textured grip
  • comes with it's own nylon carry pouch
  • Shorter version pole for smaller heights: Click Here


The Strength of EarthTrek Pole:


A collapsible hiking pole made of lightweight aluminum alloy shaft. Rubber handle with comfortable grip. Carbide steel tip with removable protector. Quality rubber grommet inserts in each section for additional strength. Adjustable wrist strap. Water-resistant storage bag included. Bonus snow/mud basket included. Complete folding, collapsible hiking staff stick. Standard straight removable rubber pole tip. Easy to pack with luggage or packs. Handsome, black color.

How tall is the pole? 

  • EarthTrek Gear pole fits most adult hikers
  • Comfortably fits most people 5ft. 5in. to 6ft. 4in.
  • If you are 5ft 4in or shorter, we recommend our Women's and Short Pole.

If you prefer to measure yourself prior to purchase:

  • From ground up, measure to the center of your hand, with your elbow at about a  90 degree angle.  
  • Standard: Ideal comfortable range is approximately 44"-51"
  • Women's and short size: Ideal comfortable range is approximately 37"-43"

Recommended accessory: Shock absorption Pole Tip foot:Made of long lasting durable rubber which helps reduce slippage of your stick on surfaces. Improves shock resistance on hard surfaces. Ideal for use while walking on smooth, rocky and hard and sandy terrain. Makes hiking low impact on your body and more comfortable. 


Ask a Question
  • Is the shorter pole still unavailable? Thank you.

    Yes, it is in stock. This walking pole is available at:

  • Is your "Shorter Women's Pole" available for purchase anywhere? I do not see it on your web site or on Amazon. We previously purchased one and want a second matching pole.

    Due to global shipping and supply issues, currently the women's short pole is out of stock. Our next shipment is in process, but may not arrive until later this fall.

  • How do I pay with a VISA card?

    Yes, we accept Visa. Simply follow the steps on your checkout page at and it will process it.

  • hello I’m wondering if one can fly with this—is it TSA compliant? Or, is the metal spike tip removable? thank you

    We are not aware of any "TSA Compliant" products,. Some travellers have been able to convince tsa officers their need for the poles through the airport for medical reasons, but there is no guarantee. Every officer and airport check has their own judgement on it.
    We recommend you check the poles with the checked baggage. 
    The tip is not easily removable.

  • How do I buy extra pole tips? My tip has a hole in it and I need to get new ones. Thanks

    Yes, these tips typically last several full hikes. But eventually they may wear through, depending on terrain.
    You can obtain a set of tips at:

  • Can you use this walking pole for wading in rivers while fly fishing?

    We have many users of the Earth Trek Pole use it in rivers for fly fishing, walking, wading.

  • What is the weigh of these poles ?

    1 lb

  • Is this hiking pole TSA compliant? I've never had a problem before but a couple of days ago, TSA confiscated my pole that has the same tip as the one shown for your pole. I am 73 years old and need it to walk because of a bad knee.

    Irene because every TSA agent uses different judgement, and the TSA has not made an official statement about walking poles, we recommend you check the pole with luggage or use a cane with rounded tip. Some people have been able to get through with our pole as a carryon. Some have not.

  • I Like your collapsible trekking pole, but when i selected to replace the pole with a SET of 2 poles, it no longer says or shows that these are still the same collapsible pole. Which is it? Are the set of two collapsible poles like the outline showing your single collapsible pole?

    Yes, same exact one. Just two of them. A set of two. You can order online again at

  • other rubber style tip for hiking pole?

    You can consider the shock absorption feet set. We will also soon be offering a four-pont foot for holding the pole upright on level surfaces. Available at

  • I am 5’1” and weigh about 150. What is the pole for us shorties?

    You'll need the Short & Women's Pole size. You can order online at:

  • How do I get a pole for my height of 5' 3"?

    In your height situation, the women's short pole, at its tallest extended length, would be best. However, due to a part delay through global supply chain shipping issues, this product will not be available until later this fall.

  • would this be a good stick to use when fishing? that is what I am looking for. Thanks,

    Yes, we have many people purchase it for wading support for fly fishing.
    Be sure to let the water dry out after using

  • My hand grip ripped, can I buy a new one?

    Yes, you can order a replacement walking pole hand grip here:

  • I am female 5'8" and about 370lbs. I have had both knees replaced. I want to use a pole when walking as I don't do well on uneven streets let alone walking paths. Do you have a pole that is rated for my weight?

    Yes, our pole overall is designed to handle more weight than carbon-fiber related poles.
    Many purchasers use it for everyday walking support

  • How doI get the recommended shock absorbent pole tip foot.

    Edith, you can order the feet here:

  • I am 5 ft 8 in female. To my hand at 90 degree angle from floor, I measure 43 1/2. Should I get short or standard?

    You'll be fine with the standard-sized pole. Set it at one of the shorter height settings and it will fit you fine.

  • I always used a sturdy wood hiking stick backpacking, and can only remember one of the many I've owned over the years breaking on me while backpacking. I'm getting up there in years and am moving to ultra-light to stay out there as long as I can. This past summer I carried a colapsible carbon fiber walking stick to double as a tarp pole for the 1st time. It was expensive, more than yours. I'm 6'1", weigh 180 pounds and was carrying a 33 pound pack. Early on my 1st day I was walking on slippery boulders, tripped on something, went forward, put my stick out in front of me to catch my balance and it snapped at one of the joints. I went down full force on both knees and my right elbow. The wounds have healed, but I'm still tender to pressure on my knees and elbow. That trip was maybe not ruined, but totally altered. I base camped instead of backpacked. Still on course with my ultra-light plans and downsizing significantly from that 33 pounds. I would very much like to get a walking stick that I could double as a tarp pole (49" high is best for my tarp) instead of bringing a wood walking stick and a separate tent pole. I do not expect you to guarantee that your pole won't snap under similar circumstances, but can you expand on the strength aspects of your pole, say in comparison to wood, trekking poles, etc.?

    Russell, this is very helpful informantion. While no guarantees, our pole is designed for needs like this. Yes, for your situation, needing a dual purpose walking and tarp pole, our standard height pole, put at the tallest setting could work well. Consider two. 250-300 lbs max weight bearing on EarthTrek Gear Pole, so you should be safe and fine. We hope this helps. Let us know how our pole works for you. 

  • Does this pole come with a belt case?

    It comes with a stuff sack that you can pack in a bag or attach outside, but the sack is not a belt case.

  • I am a women and 5 feet 4 inches and a half which pole should I order?

    In this case, we would recommend you order the women's short pole, and use the longer settings. This will make your walking pole the ideal length

  • I love my EarthTrek pole for short women! It has been to Seattle, London, Paris, Rome, Florence and Venice as well as being used around my town. I've loved it so much, my husband had to replace the pole tip before my last European trip. I love the fact that I can fold up the pole when needed which I especially appreciate when flying. Alas, on my last trip I lost the black carrying bag. Rats! I loved that I cold fold the pole into the bag and not have to have somebody put the stick into the overhead compartment. (I've never been able to reach that high so it just isn't convenient.) Is there any chance that you might have any extra carry bags around for people like me who love the pole so much but alas lost the bag on a trip? Thanks for your thoughts. M Cathy Boutin

    Cathy, were you able to get the extra bags?

  • Will this pass TSA requirements for carry on luggage?

    Officially, TSA recommends checking-in trekking poles, rather than carry-on. As for collapsible poles, it is not sure. A good forum for this is:  We recommend checking in your poles. If you must insist on using the poles throughout the airport, perhaps ask for a TSA escort during security check, who assist handicapped and people with special situations. As for the airline, every one is different. Although there is no federal standard stamp for TSA compliance for these kind of products, EarthTrek Pole is designed compactly for air travel and a walk-assistance product, and accompanies our users on thousands of air travel trips. We have not heard of turn-aways, but let us know if that happens. 

  • Can I remove the screw at the top and put a camera mount in it?

    Many of our customers do it all the time.  While we do not warranty the use of it, a good camera mount will should be able to hold on tightly.  Test carefully.  But yes, many EarthTrek Gear customers enjoy using their pole as a camera monopod.

  • How much time does it take to set up?

    Instant.  Pull the trekking pole out of the bag and it snaps together.  Stashing it away is almost as quick; about 10 seconds, unhook each section and pack in bag.
    - Mike

  • The video shows two poles. Are they sold as a pair or individually?

    Sold as one. However if you add a 2nd pole, the shipping is free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Paul Maddox
worthy companion

This is what I had in mind when I was looking for a walking staff for commuting. It's lightweight, and collapses to fit my "go" bag, along with my rain gear and hydration bottle. It needs a small pouch, though... trying to find the optimal sized pouch for it, but that's a minor detail (personal preference, etc...)

Chuck the Hiker
I think these will be perfect

I bought two shorter poles for my wife and my sister. They both need some added stability and these are tall enough to allow them to stand erect and the poles collapse so that they can easily stow them when they get in the car and will fit into their checked luggage when they travel. I even got one for myself in anticipation of a trip to Ireland and Scotland.

Paul Williams

EarthTrek Gear Ultra-Strong Collapsible Trekking Pole

Susan S.

I returned this trekking pole nearly 2 weeks ago, and am waiting for a reimbursement from you folks! How long does it take?

Leah Ash
Walking Again

Love my earthrek trekking pole. I had hip replacement surgery 8 weeks ago and it's just what I need to do my walking and continue my improvement. I will be taking it with me on an international trip since it folds to such a manageable size.