Snowshoe powder cardio resistance walking

Wow!  Such a short hike, yet healthy cardio workout.  The added resistance of snow and picking up your legs makes snowshoeing an excellent and fun workout.  This week, we did a short 3/4 mile hike.  By the time we were done, it felt like a full 3-mile workout.

This photo was the pure powder we started in.  Location: Mt. Rose Meadows, Lake Tahoe

Showshoeing is quite possibly the best workout in the wintertime. The added distance you need to bring up your legs, along with resistance and gentle pressure, all make for a low impact fitness activity that is actually fun to experience. Try hitting fresh powder after a snowstorm has dumped over a foot of snow. You'll experience mesmerizing wonders of walking in a winter wonderland.

If you want something a little more adventurous, try cross-country skiing. It's like walking on the clouds!

And when you get tired, simply raise up your arms and fall backwards and let the light fluffy snow capture your body in a perfect comfort wrap. You can rest there in the quiet snow and literally fall asleep in the relaxing position, or try making snow angels to make it a truly memorable hike.

When you're all finished, go have a hot cocoa and make a hot dinner that the entire family can enjoy, while talking about the fun memories made on the hiking trip.

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