Health Benefits of Walking with Turtles in the Sand

While discovering the health benefits of walking in the sand, we discovered a new beach buddy, our new sea turtle friend.  A beautiful sight at the less crowded sands of the Kaiaka Bay Beach Park in Oahu Hawaii. 

Sand walking has many health benefits, incluing the mesmerizing feel on the feet.

Sand walking benefits:

  • Develop stronger ankle muscles
  • Improve mind coordination (due to uneven, yet forgiving surface of sand)
  • Burn up to 50% more calories than normal walking
  • More fun!

For starters, pick a beach area that has a long enough distance to walk 2000 steps. This is about a half mile long. You can pick a destination that is far enough to have a rest. This may be a view, swimming spot, or picnic area.

Many oceanside areas have sandy beaches for sand walking. This includes state parks, city parks, BLM national seashore areas. One of our favorite collection of beaches are Oregon State parks. Southern, Central and Northern Oregon coasts are loaded with dozens of state parks that give spectacular views, as well as tidepools and trails.

California is more busy, and their beaches tend to be not as easily accessible.

When it comes to the East Coast, littered throughout the Eastern Seaboard, from Massachusetts, to Virginia, the Carolinas and Florida, you can find many seashores with walking trails and wide running paths, although they tend to be more populated than west coast beaches.

What if you live in a landlocked state? No problem! Lakes can often have sandy beaches to explore, hike and practice your sand walking exercise.

So take off your shoes, bring your running wear, and enjoy the massaging, impact-softening properties of sand on your feat.

Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot in the Sand   

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