Ocean Walks

As a followup to our previous blog post, sand walking has incredible health benefits.  This time, we tested it along the beaches near Capitola California.  Once again, high resistance, cardio effects were experienced after just 20 minutes.  While the same steps as normal walking, much more calories were likely burned.  It was definitely a workout!

We decided to try something new: Walk from one beach to a second beach. Often stretches of sandy beach are broken up by cliffs, palisades, rocks, or other natural obstacles that break up the long stretch. This can create unique differences in each beach, whether it is greater tide variation, coarser sand, and even vegetation that makes walking challenging in a good way.

So we picked a sandy beach just south of the Capitola California beach. This one is somewhat broken up by a rock pile, with the beachwalk ending about the same point. On low tide, there is a small spot of sand and rocks that allows walkers to cross over to another beach, that butts up against cliffs, with a housing community on top of the plateau. We brought one of our collapsible walking poles for stability through the rocky sections, and restowed in our mini backpack. This beach is very long, and less touristy, and provides nearly miles of walking and jogging. This type of exploring creates memories, and makes for a healthy and productive beach jogging session. 

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