Hiking with Friends

Meaningful conversations.  Going deeper.  Quality time.

These are the things that we long for, and yet, are lacking in many friendships today.

I am always amazed at the depth of relationships that come from taking a walk with friends. 

Hiking provides a unique opportunity to create memories with friends. It is a special time to enjoy the scenery of the outdoors, along with improving health and exploring together. 

Friendship benefits can include: 

  • Longer conversations (what else can you talk about)
  • Deeper conversations - by having your eyes focused on the scenery, there is a greater comfort and willingness to confess, share, and expose, as well as share about vision purpose and passion
  • Memories - Hikes are memories. They are an experience, that often is more meaningful and different than sitting in a restaurant or working together

Consider hikes that offer 3+ hours of walking. This will truly make a day hike experience that is a powerful memory force.

Photo: Immigrant trail, in Yuba River State Park, near Nevada City, California.

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