Healthy Activities I Look Forward to After the Pandemic

Healthy Activities I Look Forward to After the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit all people hard, especially those like me who enjoyed travel and fitness. For many, including myself, being stuck at home made for a long year, leading to weight gain, and lethargic fatigue.

Certain activities, especially during the colder winter months, have been put on hold. Locations closed, or with limited hours and occupancy.

Now is the time to start preparing for a world that is free from the global pandemic. Physical fitness is an essential part of life that keeps us healthy. Here are five activities I am excited to pick back up soon:



Swimming – Lap swimming is one of the healthiest exercises anyone can do. It has low impact on the joints and can burn an incredible number of calories in a short period of time. While some swimming pools are open, most are very difficult to get a space in at a reasonable time, due to its high perceived shared contact with other people. Public swimming pools have been on the hit list for coronavirus pandemic restrictions. But now, many are making plans of what operations will look like as the pandemic settles. Signing up for a swimming pool pass will be an incentive for me to go swimming 2-3 times a week, leading to healthy bodily exercise.


Global Travel – I miss the affordable airfare, and convenient flight schedules that used to exist to many countries throughout Europe, Asia, and South America. Travelling, walking, exploring and hiking to many of the world’s famous landmarks and national parks have grown in popularity with today’s active seniors and retired Americans. The ease of overseas international travel will take a long time to recover (1) , but I am already researching itineraries of sights, sounds and visits to international friends I have met here in the States.


Exploring Global Cities – Some of the largest cities, both in the USA, and across the globe, have been hit hard by this pandemic. Bustling places like New York City, Washington D.C., Paris, London and Rome, have all turned into sparsely busy, and somewhat closed places. A typical day exploring a world-class global city can burn twice as many calories, and build stamina, than the average day. And it all comes with the excitement of exploring the smells, famous museums, landmarks and metro systems of these great cities. All of the hiking along streets, climbing stairs, in and out of buses and trains, escalators, city parks and more, can be exhausting. But it is worth it. Get a city on the calendar, make your travel arrangements, grab some walking poles, good shoes, energy bars and a good water container, and hit the streets exploring.


Hot Springs – Relaxing. Soothing. Mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. Hot springs were one of my favorite winter time activities to do. Living in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I have always had a plethora of hot spring choices (2) , which I enjoyed twice a month. Now, with this pandemic, many are shut down, or limited spaces sold out. I am looking forward to visiting the healing and relaxing experience of sitting in hot water and having quality conversations with my friends and family.  


Daily Walking – While walking hasn’t been fully restricted, unless you live in a heavy stay-at-home order state, I have found it quite hard to go walking the way I used to. Whether it is popular park trails that now have limited direction restrictions, indoor shopping malls in the winter, fitness centers, and simply walkable city streets with shops and restaurants, daily walking has just changed. It seems like many avoid each other or walkway around strangers. Enjoyable sights and merchants are closed. And parking and trail spots are full. When this pandemic is over, I am looking forward to a return to fun daily walking, both in the city and nature, and around my neighborhood block.


Now is the time to start planning for a return to healthy activities outside the house. Whether walking, travel, or public facilities, we will start to see new ways to enjoy the activities we used to take for granted.



About the author: Mike Cutler writes on active senior lifestyles and is a healthy lifestyle Blogger as well as product tester for earth trek gear. He lives with his family in Reno NV and enjoys going to the Sierra Nevada mountains for hiking and family activities.




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