Gentle Snow Trails of the Sierra

When considering hiking in the snow, why not use trails that ordinary boots can walk in?

Recently, we discovered a beautiful series of trails at Donner Memorial State Park California. Level, typically lower snowpack than surrounding areas, and plenty of carved trails, packed town for ordinary walkers.



If you don't have XC skiis, or snowshoes, simply "snow-walking" will do just fine. There may be some snow that creeps on your legs, but the same thing happens with snowshoes.



This 1-hour exploration resulted in healthy stamina buildup, and calorie burn. Yet the best part: The amazing scenery right after a snowfall, made for spectacular snow-laden pine branches, and frosted bushes. A complete winter wonderland walk, fit for a  Christmas week excursion. 




Afterward, we drove up to the top of Old Highway 40 pass, at the Rainbow Bridge overlook, and were blown away by the incredible views.




Mike Cutler is an hiker and product tester for EarthTrek Gear. He lives with his family in Reno Nevada, near California's Sierra Nevada Mountain range. He enjoys exploring new trails, and world travel.

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