Enjoying Hiking in a Country Sunrise

In the rolling foothills of California’s coastal range, mighty oaks become an enduring symbol of nature.

This time of year, the green lush countryside, along with the cool crisp air welcomes any hiker or jogger to experience the beauty of a morning sunrise. There is a never-ending network of hidden meandering roads across central California, beckoning people who are hungry for a mesmerizing morning awakening.

So many western movies were filmed in this area of the country. During the springtime, the rolling pastureland is covered with green grass. By mid-summer, these lands are golden with waiving grass and grain heads.

Remember the 1970's show Little House On the Prairie? While it took place in Minnesota, it was actually filmed in the foothills in central California. 

And countless other TV shows and film production took advantage of the natural beauty of this area. 

Now these lands are available for exploration and recreation. Hiking trails, walking paths and state parks abound to allow outdoor enthusiasts a chance to experience these gorgeous spots. 

For starters, try California State Parks

Morning walk rolling oak tree countryside California

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