Catching Fall Colors on Foot

Autumn is a time of year for drives through some of America's top spots for fall colors. 

Red Maples in Adirondacks in New York

Dogwoods and Ash trees in Shanandoah National Park

Orange aspens in Teluride Colorado

and so many more!

And now with the power of the internet, you can find exact times and locations for peak color. Just check. For example, the National Park Service now posts real-time updates from hikers and rangers of ever-changing fall-season colors for their most popular national parks like Shanandoah and Great Smoky Mountains national parks. See


Yet, what about parking the car and taking a walk?

  • Casual walking burns up to 200 calories in an hour or more, compared to zero from sitting in a car
  • The fun way to improve your cardiovascular health
  • The best photo spots are often in the trees, and away from the roads

Walking to local fall color spots provides an experience like none other, and it sure beats driving. You gain a close-up look at not only the trees, but the leaves themselves. Many maples and oaks have multiple colors on one tree. Try spotting a tree with reds at the tips, and greens closer to the trunks.

Grab a coat. Put on your best walking shoes, and any other hiking accessories you prefer like trekking poles, leg socks, sun hat and possibly an umbrella, and trek out to your favorite local park.

If going too far is not an option, consider local neighborhood famous for autumn leaves. Typically older, more established neighborhoods in your city, will have large tree canopies, and can catch photos that the tour buses and crowds aren't finding.

. . . .And be sure to grab a hot drink after.  :)


These photos were taken in a suburban neighborhood in Reno Nevada from one of our walking enthusiasts. It shows you don't have to go far to see fall colors.










- Mike Cutler is an avid hiker in California's Sierra Nevada mountains. His family lives in Reno, Nevada, and enjoys exploring and blogging on the health benefits of waking and hiking, as well as one of our product testers for EarthTrek Gear.

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