Hiking on the Water



Have you ever wondered how may calories are burned during stand-up paddleboarding?

Wind and water resistance, coupled with balancing exertion, along with arm movement, leads to over 100 calories burned in just a 30 minute trip. Add on top of that bigger waves or wind, and you are looking at a full gym workout, right on top of the surface. A Men's Journal article points out, a 30 minute SUP trip is the equivalent of running 6 miles!

Now that is a fun way to burn a lot of calories!

On a recent trip to Lake Tahoe, this paddleboarder was one of many coming into the shore.

When users were asked what they like, they mentioned:

  • Challenging enough to make it fun
  • Builds upper-body strength
  • Builds arm strength
  • Tones the core and abs
  • and, best of all, a powerful, yet low impact cardio exercise

As we see more and more SUP on lakes, bays, and even rivers, we now see the health benefits are just as important, as the recreational fun it provides.

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