Social Enterprise

At EarthTrek Gear, we have the joy of seeing people exercise outdoors.

We believe in social enterprise, and give all our profits away to projects to social causes.

This year's project:

100% of net profits of EarthTrek Gear in 2018 are going to affordable immigrant housing.  We have selected the married student housing expansion project for the Reno International House and International Friends as 2018's recipient.  This non-profit organization seeks to meet the needs of internationals and is part of a greater international network of like groups.

With the current affordable housing shortage across much of the USA, refugees, and immigrants who work in essential entry level jobs have difficulty meeting credit and stringent requirements for many apartments.

The Reno International House is developing a solution with hopes to replicate across several cities in the USA.  A reproducable project that includes multiple units for families in need of affordable housing, without using government subsidies.  Self-funded operations, sustainable business model, social enterprise.  

More details to follow.

You can learn more at: